iOS & iPadOS 15 Aurora reimagines the iPhone and iPad experience with an updated Lock Screen, privacy reminders, all-new Safari, streamlined UI design, and more.

iOS 15 Aurora Concept Overview
Concept: iOS 15 Aurora

Reimagining T-Mobile’s iOS application

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📑 Project Overview

A redesign concept of T-Mobile’s iOS app provides user data at a glance, without making it difficult to understand and present in the least cluttered way.

🧐 Problem

As an everyday user of T-Mobile’s iOS application, I challenged myself to push myself creatively as a designer and redesign the app from the ground up. My goal was to solve user-experience issues that I was facing.

✨ Solution: A Redesign

To take full advantage of T-Mobile’s services, core design elements of the application had to be reimagined and streamlined.

⭐️ Project Goals

1. Unobtrusive and Deferent

Facilitate an engaging experience when it comes to presenting information about user’s cellular information

2. Human-Centric

Open space that reflects…

Rohan Tandon

UX/UI designer and an Illustrator with a great passion for developing functional and delightful interfaces using design systems.

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