• Arushi Ray

    Arushi Ray

  • patrick rai

    patrick rai

    Don’t forget to eat your greens. Most importantly, don’t forget to read.

  • Rebecca Burch

    Rebecca Burch

  • Marian Lucas

    Marian Lucas

    Self-taught Product designer. Also involved in a couple of exciting new projects! — I write about tech, marketing and GTD principals. Cheers.

  • Bedir Ekim

    Bedir Ekim

    Swift Developer & Creator & Reader

  • akshat Garg

    akshat Garg

  • Jacob Estep

    Jacob Estep

    🟡⚪🟣⚫ (any and all pronouns) I’m a (so far) self taught aspiring product designer interested in operating systems and the devices they run on. WVWC CS ‘21

  • Andy Chappel

    Andy Chappel

    Fledgeling writer providing social commentary on the environment, conservation, sustainability and climate emergency. You’ll find me currently working for TNLCF

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