Rethinking the T-Mobile App

Reimagining T-Mobile’s iOS application

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📑 Project Overview

🧐 Problem

✨ Solution: A Redesign

⭐️ Project Goals

1. Unobtrusive and Deferent

2. Human-Centric

3. Support & Self-Help

4. Monitoring Account

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”- Steve Jobs

👨🏻‍💻 My Attempt

My Redesign of the T-Mobile App

Log-In Screen

The Log-In Screen
The Log-In Screen

Welcome Screen

App Homepage

Quick and easy access to important app functions on the welcome screen, without needing to switching pages. Bold typography provides a clear sense of context. Crucial account information is available at a glance — active lines, data usage, number of days until the data reset.

Integration of T-Mobile Tuesdays Promotion Service

T-Mobile requires its users to download a separate app for ‘T-Mobile Tuesdays’ promotions. In my redesign, I integrated the service within the main app to increase the user base of the promotion service. Users can view available deals and claimed offers within the main app.


I also ditched the side navigation menu in favor of a relatively convenient toolbar at the bottom. A compact toolbar at the bottom lets the user stay focused on the main task and easily switch pages with just a tap. By following Apple’s Human Interface guidelines, I gave an overall look fresh and engaging feel.

Unobtrusive and Deferent

Support Page
Settings and More

Manage Account — Options to manage services, phone lines, and payment information.

Settings — Options for users to change settings conveniently.

Ultimately, a straightforward design provides clarity. Mobile interfaces can achieve simplicity only if ornamentation is avoided. When I sat down to work on a redesign concept for the T-Mobile app, my focus was to simplify the UI and pave the way for a better user experience. I hope my work represents these goals.

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.


UX/UI designer and an Illustrator with a great passion for developing functional and delightful interfaces using design systems.